August 18, 1964 ~ June 21, 2020

Born in: Akron, Ohio
Resided in: Danville, Indiana

James D. Hendricks, 55, of Danville, Indiana was greeted by God , his late wife Kim and his parents Billy and Geraldine on June 21, 2020. James was born on August 18, 1964 in Akron, Ohio and moved to Indianapolis during his formative years.

James first marriage was to Deborah Nusbaum and together they had a son James D. Hendricks Jr. who survives.  After his son was born, he began a career as a semi drive and continued as a driver until his retirement.

James married a second time to Kimberly Nalley, they were married on February 14, 1990 and she preceded him in death on February 13, 2020.

He was an animal lover, fun loving and protective family man and will be missed by all who knew him. James is survived by his sisters, Donna (Dale) Jolly and Areulia Hornak, a brother, Billy Hendricks, niece, Amanda Hendricks, 3 nephews Mike and Nick Hornak, and Dale Jolly Jr.

A service for James will be held on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. June 27th 2020 at Vertical Church, 620 North Carr Road, Plainfield, Indiana 46168 visitation will begin at 10:00 am at the church and will resume after the service.  Legacy Cremation & Funeral Services – Indianapolis assisted the family with arrangements.

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  1. Danny told me many stories he and Kim experienced while traveling the roads together during Danny’s trucking years. The one that amazed me the most was my baby sister getting behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler and driving a multi-million dollar race car over 100 miles across the US. Danny opened Kim up…she was a quiet person when we were kids. They both will be sorely missed.

  2. So tonight Danny, instead of videoing you as I normally would at this time, I find myself signing your guestbook. I could never fit all the fond memories here. As teens we were inseparable and my love for you is endless. You were the big brother I never had. You were always there to watch over and protect me. You called me your little sis. There was absolutely nothing that I couldn’t tell you and nothing that I didn’t. You Accepted me for who I am and that never changed. There was still so much I wanted to share with you. I could never have imagined that our last “I love you“ and our last “goodnight” would have been our final one. You were always Telling me that we can’t count on tomorrow and you were right my friend. I understand how much you needed to be with Kim. She is your soul mate.You needed her and Your heart was just too lonely without her. All the wonderful memories of you, will be forever etched into my soul.
    I love you,

  3. Danny my little brother, there are no words to describe how I have been feeling since you left. There is a void that will never be filled. Many memories pass thru my mind so many I don’t know where to begin. We had a lot of wonderful times, we had some arguments I guess because we were so much alike!, but we always overcame the arguments with neither of us wining the battle. You had great stories to tell of your travels with Kim that I enjoyed listening to. You made me laugh when I thought I never would, I have cried with you. I will miss your big teddy bear hugs! You was a great Santa to my boys, you played with them, you loved them you were a great uncle. You were a great brother and protector of me when I needed protection. You had a big heart and at times a big mouth, I guess that is what made you, you. You were the person who would give your shirt to anyone. Dear brother I could go on and on but it wont bring you back. Someday I pray I will see you again. I need that teddy bear hug so I will close my eyes and imagine. I love you.

  4. Danny my little brother there are no words to describe how I feel. There is a big void in my heart. I will miss you. I have so many memories they over lap each other. You had amazing stories to tell of you and Kim’s travels. I will miss those. I will miss those morning and evening calls. You were a good uncle to my boys you loved them played with them. you were my protector when I needed it. You made me laugh when I thought I could not. We had our arguments for sure, but they never lasted very long and neither of us ever won because in so many ways we were alike except you had a smarter mouth than me! You were the best Santa to the boys! You gave the best teddy bear hugs which I will miss and I wish I could have one now. Wow some of the jokes you told! ! You had the biggest of hearts would give anyone the shirt off your back. I could go on and on but it will not bring you back and I sure could use a big ole hug right now, I will close my eyes and imagine. I love you dear brother.

  5. My sweet most beautiful, big hearted uncle Danny. Although we would be out of touch at times, it never felt like any time had passed when we talked. You always accepted me for me. You loved me as your own and we shared many wonderful memories together especially when I was a kid. I adored you. Always did love your hugs, Jokes and the neverending laughs that made my stomach hurt and those are the best ones. You have been here for me through one of the hardest times I’ve ever had to experience and have given me advice and words of wisdom that I will keep on my journey of being a single mother of two. You have always welcomed others with open arms and I’m pretty sure that’s what you will mostly be remembered for…just being one to hug and talk to. One of my favorite memories of you and aunt Kim would probably be the time you took me to St.Louis and we went up into that Arch! We were going up and I was freaking out. You just kept assuring me we were ok. By the time we got to the top I was ok and we got out and could look out of the windows and I started freaking out again! So then we had to just go right back down and you were ok with that! Haha! Anything to make me happy. We went out to lunch and had ice cream afterwards and everything was ok. You took me so many places that I’ll never forget. This past week just thinking of all the memories we shared has been quite overwhelming. I appreciated all of them though. Especially the unconditional love that you always had for all of us! You were a great man and and ever greater uncle. I know in my heart that you are happy now with the good man upstairs, aunt Kim, and my grandparents by your side now for eternity. God I miss them and you will be missed so much but will forever hold a special place in my heart and I can continue to tell your stories until we meet again. I love you uncle Danny! Love always,. Your only niece, Mandy

  6. Danny my sweet precious friend I miss you so much. You were such a beautiful soul who would do anything for anyone. You had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. I am so grateful to God that we were able to re-connect over these last six weeks. We had many laughs and many tears. I’m grateful that you are no longer suffering with pain or heartache. You and Kim are together for eternity. I would give anything to have one more bear hug from you my sweet friend. I love you my brother. Hugs and kisses to you. Until we meet again. 😘

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