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cremations options:

After Cremation

2 burial options available to you:

Above-Ground Interment

There are many above-ground options available, depending on your preferences and budget.

Mausoleums are the most well-known form of above-ground burial; choose from community structures or family memorial estates. Urn niche spaces can be marked with a simple plaque or have a glass-front.

In-Ground Interment

As the most traditional choice, in-ground burial burial involves placing the urn in the ground beneath a headstone or another type of memorial tribute. One family member may choose to be buried in a casket while the other is buried in an urn. They can still be laid to rest next to each other.

Burial: Peaceful location for current and future generations.

More than ever, burial is being selected as the preferred option for placement of cremated remains. Unlike scattering ashes or home storage, burial provides a designated final resting place with a physical marker. Family, friends and future generations have a peaceful location to return to and reflect.

4 popular ideas that are unique, customizable and may be completely new to you.


Memorial Beaches

Made of long-lasting granite, these benches offer an alternative to a traditional headstone. They are custom, personalized, and come in a variety of colors. These benches are designed to include a niche for cremated remains or function as a modern version of a headstone bearing the names and information of a life celebrated.


Family Memorial Estates

These are designed so that many family members can stay together. Families can utilize both traditional casketed burial spaces and distinctive structures for the placement of cremated remains. Surprisingly affordable because many family members can share in creating a tribute where they will all be together for present and future generations.


Cremation Boulders

Placed in either a natural setting or near other family members in traditional burial locations, it is a flexible and natural alternative. Boulders are designed to hold cremated remains or can also have a memorialized plaque attached. A cremation boulder is the perfect choice because they look like a part of the natural landscape.


Indoor Niches

Columbarium structures offer above ground placement options, both indoors and out. Cremated remains, contained in an urn are permanently housed in a private niche. With these, one can create a display of personal interests to keep memories alive. These displays can even be changed at intervals if you choose to do so.

Ceremonial Scattering:

Cremation allows for multiple options, like scattering a small portion and placing the remaining amount in our cemetery during a service, with a marker or monument.

Another option is the ability for multiple family members to retain a portion, a portion to be scattered, and a portion to be placed in our cemetery with a permanent memorial.

Important Considerations:

Grief is unique; everyone grieves in different ways and at different times.

Giving your family the gift of a final resting place in our cemetery provides an outlet for them to connect with and talk to their loved one as needed.

Commonly, when an urn is kept in a home many family members and friends feel discouraged to visit and grieve.

Lastly, it is important to know that your loved one can be placed in one of our cemeteries at any time, whether the urn is kept in a home for a few months, 1-year or longer.

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