Grief Support

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Grief Literature

What to Read

  • A list of books that have been helpful to those who are experiencing grief. Each book listed has a brief paragraph explaining how it may be helpful to the reader.


  • Feelings of grief come at different times and express themselves in different emotions. Dr. William G. Hoy helps try and explain some of these emotions, how they may be affecting you or your loved ones, and how to move forward.


  • Funerals are about many things and serve many purposes. Not only does a funeral honor the deceased, but it also helps the loved ones they left behind. Dr. William G. Hoy explains how this process is helpful to those experiencing grief.

Men in Grief

  • Dr. William G. Hoy explains in detail on how men may grieve the loss of a loved one and how a loved one may help a man who is grieving.


  • Annual festivities and holidays can prove to be challenging for those who are grieving. Sights, sounds, and smells can all have an impact on someone. Dr. William G. Hoy goes into detail on how you or a loved one can understand these feelings of grief during the holiday season.


  • Often times, the loved one in our life going through grief is a close friend or acquaintance. Dr. William G. Hoy explains how to help a friend during their times of grief and helpful insights on how the things you say can help.


  • Grief can affect many aspects of a person’s life, and that includes their professional life as well. The loss of a coworker can affect someone just as deeply as the loss of a family member or friend. Dr. William G. Hoy explains useful methods on how to approach that grief and how to manage those feelings while at work.


  • Grieving during one’s senior years comes with its own separate set of challenges; Dr. William G. Hoy explains how to manage these feelings of grief and how you or a loved one can be helped during this time.

Unexpected Death

  • The loss of a loved one is never easy, but losing a loved one unexpectedly presents its own set of difficulties. Dr. William G. Hoy explains what to do when someone experiences grief from the sudden loss of a loved one.

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